Technical product description

We are technical experts and fiberglas producers with company owned production facilities.

lemonbar productionlemonbar production

Your Lemonbar will be delivered as a mobile fruit juice bar with complete interior and ready to use. It is made of very robust and weather-resistant fibreglass and can be operated both in summer and during the winter time.

The bar has a total weight of 500 kg and a diameter of 2,20 m. The height of the closed bar with wheels is 2.60 m, the height of the opened Lemonbar with wheels is 3.0 m. Each Lemonbar is equipped with a mobile system that can be attached to any car within minutes.

Inside each Lemonbar are shelves for storing fresh fruits, mineral water etc. A homogeneous lighting system, a 10 litre crushed ice box and a kitchen sink with armatures make a fully equipped fruit juice bar for professionals. A plexiglass drink list inside the bar displays each drink in a graphically appealing way.

Lemonbar | Technical equipment

  • 1 insulated 10 litre crash ice box with lid
  • 1 wash basin with mixing tap
  • 1 lead for external water supply
  • 1 lighting set with a switch
  • 1 waste pipe for external waste disposal
  • 1 bar table addition
  • 1 plexiglass spitting protection
  • 1 storage vessel for lemons, oranges and limes
  • 1 lead for external power
  • 2 x 20 litres tanks for fresh and run-off water
  • 1 water pump for the freshwater tank
  • 1 plexiglass display for the beverage list
  • Various plug sockets

Trailer | Technical equipment

  • mobile trailer with standardized number plate
  • 1 drawbar with removable back-part
  • 1 light system for night travels
  • 1 crank handle