You are looking for something special? You actually want to work independently, but are afraid of a large financial risk? Then perhaps our business model is the right one for you. We will support you with our Know How of many years.

Reasons to operate a mobile Lemonbar

Size matters: Maximum profit at minimum costs

To operate a mobile Lemonbar, a floor space of less than 5 m2 is needed. Since rental prices for places in highly frequented shopping malls and city centres are constantly on the rise, a Lemonbar gives you the opportunity to operate your own business for very low operating costs.

Very high product margins

Drinks have the highest profit margins within the food and beverage industry. Lemonbar drinks are 100 % made out of fresh fruits following our carefully developed receipts and are freshly prepared in front of every customer. This keeps your profit margins high and gives you the freedom to be totally independent of 3rd party suppliers except for the local fruit dealer of your trust. It also means that you only purchase what you can immediately use and produce nearly no leftover of waste.

Mobile system for Maximum flexibility

The Lemonbar is equipped with a mobile system that can be attached to any car within minutes. This gives you the absolute flexibility and freedom to transport your bar everywhere without additional costs and headaches. It also means that you can directly go to the costumers and do not have to wait any longer that your costumers find the way to you.

Passion for healthy living

Our drinks are 100 % natural and freshly prepared in front of every costumer. We follow the spirit of time and promote the consumption of fresh fruits. We would be very glad if you follow us on our journey and also become an advocate for healthy living.

Vielen Dank für Ihr Interesse an unserem Franchise.
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