Before you begin with the enterprise of the Lemonbar, you will be instructed and receive optimal support. We advise you from finding the perfect location to the establishment of your own company.

We will show you how to make maximum profit with minimum investment. Trust us and our unique business solution.

As our franchise partner, you have automatic access to the entire download area on our web page. If you register on our partner page you will obtain all necessary documents, beginning with the list of drinks up to the graphically designed advertisement posters and flyers. As a part of our company you can use the advantages of a well-thought-out and trusted franchise system.

Our support program | We offer the following support services to our licensee

  • Guidance during the business establishment
  • Intensive training about the operating system and business as a whole
  • Lemonbar barkeeping school to learn how to prepare our drinks
  • Help in choosing a possible location, site analysis and know-how transfer from our experience
  • Providing of promotion material like flyers, business cards, drink lists according to the corporate design of the company
  • Providing of operation manuals
  • Providing of packaging like drinking coups according to the corporate design of the company
  • Providing of company dresses like T-Shirts and caps according to the corporate design of the company
  • Technical and design support to built your own company website
  • Support during recruitment of staff
  • Regular quality control

Feel free to contact us, we will be happy answer your questions at any time.